Geothermal Heating and Cooling is the most energy –efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning system available according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Harty Mechanical, Inc has been designing and installing geothermal systems since 2000. As one of the pioneer geothermal contractors in our area we have worked hard to educate consumers on the benefits of these systems. With costs of natural resources rising and the supplies being depleted we realize the importance of finding new economical and environmentally friendly ways of heating and cooling our homes and businesses. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you design a system tailored to your home or business using the latest technology. Our firm is certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) for heat pump installations. We are also active members of the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium. We can help you design your system using the latest technology. We can offer different systems depending on your needs, desired comfort, space/land conditions and budget.


Harty Mechanical, Inc. teams up with Water Furnace International, Inc. to bring these energy efficient systems into the businesses of our area. We have significant experience and can help you design your system using the latest technology.

Ice Rinks

Ice Rinks designed with a conventional refrigeration plant run pumps and fans in a cooling tower to get rid of heat to the air outside. At the same time, electricity and fossil fuels are burned to warm the building and make hot water. Virtually all of the heat taken from the ice in a geothermal rink is used to warm the building, make hot water, melt snow, or even heat the building next door. If it can’t be used, the heat is stored in the earth loop around the building, ready to be used when needed. Instead of spending money to get rid of the heat and then using more energy to warm the building, the geothermal system recycles the heat inside the building. It leaves more of your budget to promote your rink and skating programs and it’s a lot better for the environment. Harty Mechanical, Inc. works with Earth Energy and Ice, LLC to educate arena operators and owners about the benefits of installing a geothermal system in their arena. Not only are these arenas using much less energy, they are providing “free” energy from the ice-making process to melt the snow on the outdoor sidewalks, heat the spectator seats, heat the common areas including locker rooms, provide in-floor heat in the rink perimeter and mezzanine, as well as heating the domestic water.

Conductivity Testing

Harty Mechanical works with our partner company Earth Energy and Ice, LLC to perform thermal conductivity tests at all potential geothermal sites. A thermal conductivity test determines the thermal conductivity, resting ground temperature and thermal diffusivity of the ground at the well field site. These numbers are used in the design of the ground heat exchanger in order to design an efficient and accurate system.


We offer a combined 20 years experience designing geothermal heating and cooling systems. We are able to design geothermal systems for residences, commercial buildings and recreational facilities. We take the total monthly and peak heating/cooling loads of a building as well as the thermal conductivity test results into consideration in order design energy efficient and cost effective geothermal systems.

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